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About Mp4Hydra is website for watching your favorite movies for free. Soon anime and tv shows will be added.

This website doesn't host videos, it only embeds videos from other websites. If this website goes down for a certain amount of time, the systems will automatically bring a new one online.

All movies are in 1080p HD, except for older releases which were never released in HD.

New movies are added daily automatically.

We do not track users, we are strong supporters of online privacy. We don't care who visits any of our websites, just have fun and watch movies.

This website is supported by ads.

You can now create an account to keep your saved watch list and history between devices, comment on videos, and enjoy an ad-free experience.


  1. Do I need an account to watch?
  2. No, anyone can watch for free.
  3. What quality are the videos?
  4. 1080p HD by default. For older releases which were never released in HD, it's the highest available quality.
  5. How can I donate?
  6. Please check the Donation page.